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Fri, Mar 26


Chapel of St. George

Hot food truck

THE VOLUNTEERS OF SVV GEORGI - one year of delivering food and one dream - to get a TRUCK FOR WARM FOOD. When: Friday, March 26, 2021 at 5:50 p.m .; Where: Parking at the stop on line 3 of the metro "University Hospital" (left of the Arch at the entrance to Alexandrovska Hospital);

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Hot food truck
Hot food truck

Time & Location

Mar 26, 2021, 6:00 PM

Chapel of St. George

About the event

THE VOLUNTEERS OF SVV GEORGI - one year of delivering food and one dream - to get a TRUCK FOR WARM FOOD.

When: Friday, March 26, 2021 at 5:50 p.m .;

Where: Parking at the stop on line 3 of the metro "University Hospital" (left of the Arch at the entrance to Alexandrovska Hospital);

What we note: Annunciation and 1 year since the pandemic of the coronavirus "Volunteers of St. George" we no longer have the opportunity to visit the sick so much and therefore began to deliver additional food to the homes of the needy and sick.

We did this every day for almost three months, covering practically the whole of Sofia. When the initial tough measures eased and many of us had to return to work, we were unable to continue bringing food to so many people every day. We continued with great diligence, and later on the advice of our wise patron Ep. Tikhon, for those who are able to leave their homes, we started distributing food on the spot at the entrance of Alexandrovska Hospital. Of course, all the time we have not stopped bringing food to the homes of those in need who are unable to come to the place.

Currently, nearly 1,300 people receive food per month. We distribute every Tuesday Friday and Sunday from 18:00 here, at the metro station, to the left of the arch of Alexandrovska Hospital. People line up for more than an hour, regardless of atmospheric conditions, some travel quite a long time.

What will happen: We will distribute food to about a hundred people from a small toy truck with the help of John (3 years) and Sophie (9 years) - our youngest volunteers, who have been participating for more than 6 months in our endeavor, together with their parents.

Of course, first ep. Tikhon will say a short prayer.

We will talk about charity, care and dream, and most of all, about its realization. Even with something small but real - A TRUCK FOR WARM FOOD.

We will invite those who want to get involved.

What's the purpose:

1. This little toy truck to "grow up", to become a kitchen, to cook and to distribute hot food to people on the spot.

2. To join those who wish to participate in this exciting ministry in which children mature, adults become children, and together we learn what love, care, and mercy are.

Remembering that doing good is a personal duty of anyone who has more than one "shirt" and more than one loaf of bread at home, to enable more people PERSONALLY to get involved in charity.

We do not want to be given money, but hearts and hands, so that together we can realize this dream (to get a truck for a hot kitchen) reality and continue to dream together. Already more, stronger and more inspired. For the Glory of God and for the support of the sick and suffering. "Not to us, Lord, not to us, but in Your name give glory, for Your mercy, for Your truth." Ps. 113: 9.

3. More needy to learn and come to receive food, care and support.

Who we are and what we do:

The volunteers of St. Georgi we are a group of people with different occupations, ages and positions, who we believe in deeds and with prayer we try to do good and be merciful to people who are sick, suffering and in need. We gathered about a year and a half ago around the Chapel "St. Mchk. Georgi Sofiyski Najvivi ”in Alexandrovska Hospital and after the training we started to help patients in their trial through visits, consolation and support. From the beginning of the Kovid pandemic, we started to deliver food to our homes, and later to distribute food on the spot at Alexandrovska Hospital.

In addition to food and shopping for medicines, basic necessities, we help with household and household matters, to cooperate with municipalities, social services, hospitals, doctors.

We never forget that the main thing we have gathered for and what gives us the strength to continue is our desire to support the sick and needy in the trials they are struggling with, but they do not have the strength to cope on their own, and they do not have another opportunity for help.

Our main ministry is to comfort and support the sick, the afflicted and the needy.

We receive strength and assistance from the Lord Jesus Christ and especially from the four saints named St. George, protectors and helpers of the suffering, from several heartfelt and charitable donors, from volunteers and their families, and with time, resources and efforts to try to do good .

Everything we do and pray for is selfless and gratuitous, and those who join us accept this condition.

Our messages of faith:

The main purpose of fasting is not to deprive ourselves, but to draw closer to God by giving up everything unnecessary. This is the real sacrifice, which is not really that great, because we do not need so much food or so much entertainment, in fact most of us live in real abundance, compared to that of our ancestors from the recent past. Distinguishing the important from the unimportant is the essence of fasting, and investing time, effort and diligence in what is important is what we try to do. If we can help the needy by doing something good not only for ourselves, we have taken another step on the path that leads to heaven.

The Annunciation and the Gospel are one and the same. The good news that the Holy Mother of God receives is the same that the Apostles spread to all parts of the world. It is a message of love and hope for the suffering, the needy and the hopeless. Because a person can be in a very difficult situation, like many we see and have seen, but at the same time have hope and receive love. If you get rid of them, then it's all over. This is our faith, the promise of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the guidelines for those of us who have forgotten what it is like to be merciful, to do good, to have compassion, to be a Christian and a man of action.

We are unworthy, we have many imperfections and we make mistakes. It is easy to be strong when compared to the weak, to be rich when we look at those who have nothing, to do something small and to brag and calm down. God does not require us to, but we try to live in a way that makes Him at least a little happy. Because He has given us everything, and He Himself needs nothing. This is His covenant to give to those around us who are unjust - love, care, hope, as an expression of our faith and without wanting or receiving anything in return.

People often ask how long we will give food. It was only recently that we found out that this question was asked because many places receive it in the winter, but not in the other three seasons. We believe that God will continue to support this humble endeavor, and through donors and volunteers, as we have not stopped for a year, we will continue without interruption. To reach more people the message that they are not alone, that they have hope and support in prayer and deed.

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