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Do I need to be an Orthodox Christian to volunteer?

The short answer, of course, is no. Naturally, anyone who has the heart and desire to support and get involved in our endeavor is welcome. We do not set requirements for religion, gender, education, social status or the like as desired  to be volunteers and to the people we support. Of course, we adhere to some basic rules - to observe good manners, to have order, to comply with medical, hygienic and epidemiological measures, but this is also a manifestation of common sense and education. The important thing is that what we do, we do it with love, sincerely and selflessly. We have had and still have volunteers from many different faiths (Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, Buddhist), most of us are Orthodox, we have atheists and we hold on to them. We are not a church, but a place and a way to practice the works of love and to support each other along the Way. So, you don't have to be a believer or an Orthodox, but honestly, it helps;)

How often do I have to take part in the activities to be a volunteer?

We do not have such a requirement, at the moment almost every day of the week there is something to be done - we talk and support patients and their relatives, discuss with doctors, promote social benefits by communicating with social services, various specialists and organizations behind each food distribution. stands a day - a day and a half of preparation, collecting bread and dishes from donors, peeling and cutting vegetables, cooking, arranging, filling in boxes, then cleaning, arranging, etc.
You decide when, where and how much to participate, the principle of Winnie the Pooh is fully valid - the more, the more (and sweeter). However, it is clear to everyone that more effort is needed to have a good result. Remember, volunteering  it is not just filling our free time or fulfilling our desires to be good - it is also a responsibility. The people we support in illness and trials rely on us. To each of us. That is why we take what we do as a joy and a wonderful opportunity, but also very seriously, as we take care of our children, fathers and mothers.
If, in addition to the above, you have the time and desire for more, we have a group of Admins, where we discuss ways to improve our activities and who is responsible for which. In time, you can join it.

How can I donate money?

First and foremost, we hope you get involved in person - as much as you can, even over the phone. People are the most valuable thing we have and we invite you to join the Volunteers of St. George.
However, what we do requires funds - for fuel, to collect bread and cooked food, to provide a kitchen, to supply ourselves with products. Our dream and immediate goal right now is to buy a Hot Food Truck for the needy right now, this winter.
None of us get paid for what we do, we are volunteers and we do it selflessly. Your money will not be given to anyone, because we always help in kind, encouraging those in need in their efforts to improve their situation, for which we support them.
Ways of donating (with full transparency and strict accountability),
Bank transfer

From Bulgaria: 

For   "St. George's Volunteers" Foundation for Public Benefit, UIC 175666661,

IBAN account: BG94BPBI79421200037192, BIC: BPBIBGSF at Postbank,
reason for payment: "Donation".
From abroad:

Volunteers of Ss George Foundation, UIN 17175666661, IBAN: BG94BPBI79421200037192, SWIFT: BPIBGSFXXX, Bank name: Postbank, Bank address: 260 OKOLOVRASTEN PAT STR., SOFIA 1766, BULGARIA
On the spot:

at each food distribution every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday from 18.30 in the parking lot at the metro station "Medical University", to the left of the arch at the entrance of Alexandrovska Hospital.

In the Chapel of St. George the Victorious - every weekday from 10 am to 4 pm there is a piggy bank for the Volunteers of St. George

Through  the platform   

with DMS GOOD at 17 777
or from here

There are ways with a bank card, paypal, etc.

For donations you receive tax relief no matter where you live. If you wish, contact us for more information and assistance.

IMPORTANT! Be careful if someone introduces himself on our behalf and wants donations! We have not authorized such persons. In this case, always seek confirmation IN ADVANCE  on our phones 0878819313, 029811010, 0889811010 

Can I send those in need to you?

Not only can you, but we encourage you to do so. We rely on everyone who has heard about the Volunteers of St. George and what we do to send, guide, bring someone in need. Again, we make no demands on the people we support other than common sense and integrity. We would be especially happy if you want to get involved - when, as much as you can, in the service of the sick and needy. Try the benefit  for the volunteers themselves is the greatest!

Can I cook for the needy at home?

It would be great! Contact us in advance to specify what, when and how much you plan to prepare, because we take into account the number of people who come and estimate the quantities in advance. We can help with whatever is needed.

Can I get a document that I am a volunteer?

Yes. Anyone who has been a regular and full-fledged volunteer for at least 6 months, following the principles and rules of our group, can receive a certificate.

Can children volunteer?

You bet! The children are our best volunteers. They inspire both us and the people who come for support. And we are all children, especially when it comes to doing good and charity - together we strive to grow. Of course, until the age of 18 we comply and communicate with the parents of our youngest volunteers, but this is temporary, only until adulthood;)

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