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Who are we

St. George's Volunteers is a community of people (currently 59 people, 15 of whom are most active in various fields: lawyers, programmers, theologians, housewives, engineers, clerks, employees, etc.) who want to multiply the good in the world. through charity, care and empathy for the sick, suffering and needy and assist them in their efforts to improve their situation.

Our heavenly patrons and intercessors are St. Vmchk Georgi Pobedonosets  all three saints: St. Georgi Sofiyski Stari,  St. Georgi Sofiyski Novi and St. Georgi Sofiyski Latest. Our activity began in the parish of the church of St. Vmchk Georgi Sofiyski Pobedonosets  and takes place mainly in and around the Chapel  St. Georgi Sofiyski Latest in Alexandrovska Hospital.

On October 3, 2019, we received the blessing of Bishop Tikhon of Tiberias, Vicar of His Holiness Metropolitan of Sofia and Patriarch of Bulgaria Neophyte. 
Until April 2020, we conducted a 6-month training program led by Prof. Dr. Toma Tomov - Dean of Bulgarian Psychiatry, co-founder of the New Bulgarian University, head of the program of social activities and a world-renowned scientist.

Our main concern is the sick and suffering through support, comfort and help in difficulties. Since the beginning of the pandemic (March 2020), we have started distributing food, shopping for medicines, basic necessities and helping people in need with social and household issues. 
For 3 months we traveled all over Sofia every day with our personal cars to deliver food. Then we continued and so far we do it three times a week. We have never missed a single one.
From September 2020 until now, in addition to home deliveries, we distribute food at the metro station "Medical University" of the Ministry of Health at Alexandrovska Hospital three times a week. Currently, more than 1,300 people receive food.

In our activity we cooperate with professionals - individuals, state and municipal authorities, non-governmental organizations for various cases, Directorates of Social Assistance, Alcoholics Anonymous, doctors and hospitals for the sick and needy, organizations of psychologists and social workers.

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Volunteers in Action

Our team


Bishop Tikhon

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Deyan Petrov

Organizer of the Volunteer Initiative


Volunteers of St. George

The greatest strength of our ministry is the volunteers. They are the people who see how good is done  and learn how to apply it in every way in their lives. Thanks to them and their faithful service, a large number of the sick and needy feel calmer, understood and looked at with attention.

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Why do we do it?

You can hear and understand the hearts of people who have been freely involved in the initiative for almost 2 years. If you feel that these values are also your values, I will be happy to join us :)

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