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Our Activities

Support for the Sick

The main activity remains the support, care and consolation for the sick and suffering, including through assistance in obtaining medical care. We encourage our relatives and friends to take part in what is happening, taking their rightful place and fulfilling their duty.


Food Collection and Distribution Activities

We distribute donated food and bread every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday from 18:30 in the parking lot next to the subway of the Medical Academy.
We collect and distribute material donations - clothes, shoes, toys, blankets and more.



Our volunteers cook weekly to provide more food - soup, main and dessert to those in need.



We support our needy and sick with prayer.
Every weekday we read Akathist of St. Luka Krimski in the chapel of the Alexandrovska Hospital. Every Thursday from 14:00 we read Akathist at the Military Medical Academy on the third floor in front of the icon of the Saint. We also read a prayer for covids every last Monday of the month at 12 o'clock in the chapel of Alexandrovska Hospital.

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