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Our donors

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The White House

Food donor

Vasil Buranovski and his White House Restaurant have been one of the main donors of food since the very beginning of the initiative. Thank God very often  in the days when we lack food his good heart helps us to continue our regular service to those in need

Catering company - Mladost 4

Donor of cooked food

Every Tuesday and Friday we take a donation of food which reaches 40-60  portions. Thanks to this cooked food, the people in the queue are happy and smiling

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Jovan Dutch Bakery

Donors of Bread and Snacks

One of our main donors of bread and snacks. Very often we manage to distribute a whole loaf of bread - white, black, ciabatta  or einkorn to the needy.

Komat Bakery

Donor of Bread and snacks

Also a major donor of bread who tirelessly provides our needy with einkorn bread, monastery bread, sourdough bread and ciabatta specially kneaded with yeast from Mount Athos.

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Simple  Food Point

Donor of eco organic food

Quite often our friends from Simple Food Punkt  they give us a variety of freshly cooked vegetarian food. The food is extremely healthy and nutritious.


Donor of Vegetarian  Food

The restaurant regularly donates fresh soups and vegetarian cooked food, pancakes and baked goods.

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Sun and moon

Food donor

Very often the Sun and the Moon give us fresh cream soup, deliciously cooked pots and freshly baked snacks

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We accept donations as products, we encourage the personal participation of donors in our activities

All of the above (except the White House) give us their surpluses when and how much food they have.
A dozen of our volunteers cook weekly to provide more food - soup, main and dessert to those in need.

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Packing Cans

Become a Donor

The greatest strength of our initiative is the volunteers themselves. They are the building blocks that, with peace and love, increase the good that is happening in the world we live in. We always welcome every donor to come and join us in the volunteer initiative and share this joy with us

If you do not have such an opportunity to donate your time, food  products or clothes but you would like to participate we also accept financial support for our development activities.

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