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About us

We are the Volunteers of SS. Georgi (, and our mission is to multiply the good in the world through charity, care and empathy for the sick and people in need, and by helping them in their efforts to improve their situation.

Additionally to caring for sick people, for almost two years now we have been collecting, cooking and distributing bread and food, helping with social, household and health issues.

We provide food three times a week, without any interruption, regardless of the season or the number of available volunteers for between 900 and 1,300 people per month. We do not impose any conditions (religion, education, gender, etc.) on volunteers, donors or people supported by our activities.

Watch what we do live every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday from 04.30 p.m. GMT here: Volunteers of St. George on Facebook.

At the moment we distribute the food literally on the street and without the possibility of it being hot and freshly cooked. We risk fines and ban of the activity by the sanitary authorities. It is also difficult for volunteers to cope with such a variety of activities without amenities and the basic working conditions.

We are looking for support for, acquisition, registration and furnishing of trucklet for hot food, type Foodtruck, with kitchen, refrigerator, sink, cookware and utensils, and for providing food to those in need.

Our minimum goal is 20 000 €, and so far we collected a little over 8 000 € through an internet campaign. We need you to join us in this dream for more benevolent deeds!

Especially in the winter months, the need for hot food is very high. There are various endeavors in this direction, but they are usually associated with a specific holiday or occasion, but people need care constantly. We have never interrupted our activities since the beginning almost two years ago and more and more people in need are coming for support.

A STORY WE WANT TO TELL YOU BEFORE DECIDING TO DONATE: A homeless man came to one of the food and clothing distributions, without shoes, he was literally barefoot. As he left, he was shod, dressed, with food, crying and chattering embarrassed thanks. We were all happy - him and us. Especially one of The SS. George's Volunteers - the one whose shoes the homeless man wore.
This call is for you, if you are:
A person who eats, dresses and has a home.
A person who is not indifferent.
A person who would like to be involved in our activities later.
Such a person who will be happy to join to celebrate the purchase of the trucklet for hot food together and to pass a bowl of soup to the supported ...
And more practically - a person with Internet access, a mobile device, a user of social networks, perhaps one who has already been involved in a donation cause, uses a bank card and most of all: with a heart beating for people in need.

We are expecting you!

Call us, even just to talk and meet. We believe there is a good reason why!

For donations via bank wire transfer: Volunteers of Ss George Foundation, UIN 17175666661, BIC: BG94BPBI79421200037192, SWIFT: BPIBGSFXXX, Bank name: Postbank, Bank address: 260 OKOLOVRASTEN PAT STR., SOFIA 1766, BULGARIA

OR via internet platform for donations

OR here for DMS, Paypal, etc.

For further information and inquiries, please, do not hesitate to contact Deyan Petroff, email: , telephone +359889811010.

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